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Choosing the right energy efficient lighting system for your business may not be as straight forward as it looks. Get it right, and you’ll end up with a brighter, safer work environment, reduced ongoing maintenance costs and significant ongoing electricity cost savings. Get it wrong and you could end up with a lighting system that’s doesn’t last for the “thousands of hours” you were promised, one for which replacement parts aren’t available and one which won’t maintain Australian Standards AS1680 compliant illumination levels.

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High Bay Lighting - Getting it wrong

Get It Wrong:

Don't get it wrong Costly “reactive” maintenance bills

Don't get it wrong Imported products with over stated life expectancy claims

Don't get it wrongCheap and unreliable components

Don't get it wrong Non-optimised products resulting in poor energy efficiency

Don't get it wrong Production downtime

Don't get it wrong Non compliant illumination levels

Don't get it wrong Clawbacks of any money or discounts received via Govt. rebate programs

High Bay Lighting - Get it right

Get It Right:

Get it right Factory backed long life expectancy

Get it right Readily available replacement components ensuring ongoing viability

Get it right Genuine Australian compliance

Get it right Quality Australian made products

Get it right Maximised energy & ongoing electricity cost savings

Get it right Comprehensive lighting design service

Get it right Rebate guaranteed by third party Gov’t approved ACP/AP

85% Energy Savings75% reduction in maintenance

“Installing the right lighting technology can save you between 50% and 85% on your electricity costs!”

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The Laminex Group

EELCO Lighting System/s: EELCO 1848A_5LT5 high output fittings and 1848WP_IP65 weatherproof high bays Environmental Impact: Annual CO2 350 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually ROI: 28.6months Case Study:  Geoff Lobegeier from PHE Pty Ltd, the Gympie based electrical contractors responsible for the electrical fit out of the new facility commented “our customer was extremely happy with the outcome especially […]

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State Transit Buses

“The current lighting was past it’s use by date and brightness was deteriorating. We had also had a light fail & catch fire which was isolated by staff avoiding major damage to the workshop. Matelec Pty Ltd installed EELC light fittings into the workshop area with minimum disruption to our operational needs. The workshop area is brighter than ever before the expected savings have been exceeded in the first power bill since upgrade and Environmental Management are excited about the expected reductions in ..green house gas.. “

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Gazal Apparel Corporation Ltd

“In July 2008 Gazal decided to consolidate its warehousing into a single DC, which required a significant investment in a new mezzanine floor and high density storage systems. As part of this we had to meet Building code of Australia guidelines which required us to put in lighting at a lower allowable wattage per square metre. The expectation was to meet BCA requirements. The fittings we have used achieve exactly that.. It has been a bonus to us that we actually have better lighting at a reduced electricity cost. In the high bay area the new fittings deliver twice the illumination at half the ongoing electricity cost..”

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